Couples Rules - Photography

I detest the monster Facebook has become and the ever annoying presence of social media in my life (BTW, I recognize the irony as I type this on Tumblr). Everyone and their mother is on their cell phones 24/7 and it’s driving me crazy.

My SO, who is very technology dependent, constantly insists we pose for photos so she can upload them to Facebook or Instagram. I, however, hate this and deplore the current social standard of uploading “glamorous” pictures so my girlfriend can do what women for thousands of years have done: one-up and brag to her female friends. In order to retain some privacy and mitigate the annoyance of posing for pictures, I came up with the following rules for when we’re at weddings and formal events:

1) No couple selfies. Ever.
2) She has a 12 photo maximum. There is a maximum of four locations (dinner, bar, dance floor, etc.) with a max of 3 photos at each location.
3) She is guaranteed one picture to upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.; however, I have final approval. If I like all the pics then all 12 can be approved.
4) All photos at a single location must be taken in the span of a minute.

Surprisingly, she agreed to these with little push back. Is this too controlling? Yes, probably. But it works for us.

I picked up a Drakes spotted navy raw silk tie a few months ago, so while I’m not picking up one of Sid’s raw silk offerings for myself, his unlined flower patterned grenadines just earned a top spot on my S/S kop list.

You start wearing blue and brown and you’re working for the clampdown.

—The Clash

I spent too much money this week. Above, Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. brown perforated captoe. I’m surprised these got here so quickly since I ordered them yesterday at BB’s 30% corporate sale. Frankly, full retail on these is high (too high when compared to Vass on sale at No Man Walks Alone), but with the sale and gift cards, my out-of-pocket cost wasn’t terrible.

Also picked up, albeit very unexpectedly, a suit, tie, and shirt with the leaked 65% off Ralph Lauren code.

The Rake Magazine

I always assumed a year’s subscription to The Rake was $130, but you can get it for $59.

Go to > Click “Magazine: Gentlemanly Sophistication” > Choose “Subscribe” > Enter USA as country

It’s that simple. Granted, $59 is expensive for a magazine subscription, especially when you can get one to GQ for $4, but it’s infinitely more interesting than GQ’s bottom of the barrel, introductory articles.

Bradley Cooper at the 2014 Academy Awards. 

I have a few issues with this black tie rig, but overall it’s very good. 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Bradley Cooper at the 2014 Academy Awards.

I have a few issues with this black tie rig, but overall it’s very good. 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Don’t Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good

I thrifted a Gieves & Hawkes by D’Avenza navy Chesterfield coat a few months ago. I’ve since put ~$150 into repairing the lining, nipping the waist, replacing the buttons, and letting out the sleeves. I’m incredibly satisfied with the fit in all areas except for the sleeve length. I like the sleeves on my outerwear to do the job they’re intended to do - cover the sleeves of my suit or sport coat. My tailor lengthened as much as possible, but a quarter to a half centimeter of suit sleeve still pops out on occasion.

Is it perfect? No, but the coat is so exquisite and the fit elsewhere is so perfect that this minor imperfection can be easily overlooked.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I like a lot of the items you put up, but can't quite follow the blog. Are you selling these items that don't fit (seems so since it says some things paid for with thrifting), such as the Jan 31 tweed sportcoats. If so, where are they available? Thanks,

I do sell them on eBay. Mtsoccer09 is my eBay handle. If you ever see something and are interested in purchasing it, shoot me a PM and we can work something out - either I’ll knock off shipping or I’ll discount the item.